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SwiftSMS - bulk SMS Services can help you expand your business in a fast, effective and efficient method. Our SMS solution allows you to communicate with a single or multiple mobile users easily.

In Promotional Bulk SMS Service you can send SMS only on Non DND Numbers. Non DND Numbers also known as NDNC/NCPR Registred Numbers.

The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). UCC has been defined as "any message, through telecommunications service, which is transmitted for the purpose of informing about, or soliciting or promoting any commercial transaction in relation to goods, investments or services which a subscriber opts not to receive.

The NDNC Registry will be a data base having the list of all telephone numbers of the subscribers who do not want to receive UCC. After the establishment of NDNC registry, Telephone subscriber (Landline or mobile) who does not wish to receive UCC, can register their telephone number with their telecom service provider for inclusion in the NDNC.

Our bulk sms software filters Do Not Disturb (NDNC filter - National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending messages.

Bulk SMS

Make a BOOM for your business in your working area using our promotional bulk sms gateway. Use it for marketing, promotions, advertisement and more.

No Setup Fee

We are very lenient :), so we just charge for the SMSs you buy and nothing extra. No setup fee or extra money is demanded.

SMS Scheduling

Don't you get much time to access our panel and send your SMSs? Don't worry, just login once and order your messages to get themselves delivered at the time and date you want.

User Dashboard

We love our dashboard it is decorated with many lovely features like graphical delivery report presentation, your recent activity, messages from admin etc.

Reliable SMS Delivery

Our gateway is build upon dedicated servers joining multiple sms gateways that provide lighting fast sms delivery. Delivery time 24x7.

DND Filters

Do not worry about the DND numbers in your contact list. Our DND Filterers will pull out the rushing numbers from the list and will send them back to you.

Dynamic SMS Gateway

Our server conjoins multiple SMS gateways that are dynamically picked up to send SMS. This will help our server to be stable and will reduce the load on a single gateway while sending sms.

Dynamic Sender ID

Promotional gateway dynamically creates numeric sender ids that will reflect as a sender name to the recipients like TD-27468

Low Price

We offer SMS services at the lowest as possible. High services = low price is a key-feature of SwiftSMS.

SMS Validity

We provide unlimited validity to our users. So now your remaining sms stays in your account for years unless and until you use them.

Sound Features

  • Numeric Operator Assigned Sender ID / Sender ID Management
  • Delivery only on Indian Non DND Numbers
  • Direct Connectivity with the Operator like BSNL,Aircel,Tata etc
  • Connectivity efficiency & Delivery performance
  • Real Time Counters and Downtime report
  • Supports multiple connectivity per service provider
  • Connects through universally accepted protocols HTTP/HTTPS/SMPP3.4/CIMD2.0
  • Secure Platform with HTTPS/SSH/SFTP
  • Password authentication and Audit trail
  • 24×7 support to the user
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • No Monthly Rent, No Setup Fee, No Inter connectivity Charges, No Investment
  • Integrating SMS Alert services with your website
  • Unmatched level of Support (Phone, Ticket, Live Chat,SPOC)