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It’s great having a good web design that looks attractive, along with great marketing ideas that gets your brand out there, but none of that matters if your website is not hosted with a reliable company.
If you are struggling to understand why web hosting is so important to your websites success, have a look at some of the reasons why a good web hosting provider is the difference between your business succeeding or failing.

Importance of a fast and reliable website hosting

Do you want your Website unavailable When It Really Matters

For a start, if you are paying a small amount of money every month just to get your website online then the chances are your website will be offline more than it is online. This is common if you are specifically paying for web hosting just because it is cheap, as many web hosts out there will oversell resources they don’t actually have, and this ultimately means your website will suffer.

Of course, the more your website is online the better chance you have of selling your products and services to potential clients. We offer a guaranteed 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement and you will not go far wrong when choosing us.

Fast Loading Websites Matter

Choosing a good web host is especially important when it comes to page loading times. Bad web hosting providers will usually have poor quality hardware or have too many clients situated on one dedicated server without enough resources to share around, and that will ultimately slow your website right down and your potential clients will end up looking for services elsewhere because they are bored of waiting.

You Get the Support You Need

Running a website isn’t easy whether you are experienced or not, so it’s important you have a web host that is always there whenever you need their support.

We have multiple support methods for you to choose from so you can get in contact with us whenever you need to. If you are with a host that doesn’t offer such support services, then your website will suffer and that will mean your visitors will suffer.

Search Engine Rankings

Another reason why choosing the right web hosting provider is important to your websites success is that when your website does go down, your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) can suffer as a consequence.

The likes of Google and other search engines penalize websites that go down a lot, so it’s very important to choose the right provider, especially if you have spent the time in getting your search engine presence perfected.

Loss of Files

One of the worst things that can happen to your web hosting experience is when a web host decides to pack up shop because they aren’t reliable, and that can always mean a loss of files.

The above reasons are just some of the many reasons why it’s important to choose a reliable host to serve your website, otherwise your website will fail, and that could mean your business will go down the drain with it.
We also offer money back guarantee with Service Level Agreement.